Answer a question for National Science and Engineering Week


Ah! Finally, science outreach that doesn’t require a railcard. As part of the celebration for “National Science and Engineering Week,” British Association for the Advancement of Science (‘BA’… though they seem to have dropped a couple of letters) is hosting a Big Questions blog where anyone can send in a science question for the general scientific community. Scientists (generally defined) can then respond to these questions via comment. They ask that you include a short blurb about who you are (presumably for quality reassurance).

It sounds like a lot of fun. The students in the IPPP are getting together to answer a few of them tomorrow, and I encourage anyone out in the blogosphere to join in.

Science and Engineering Week ends on the 16th, but I hope they keep the blog up. I think It’s a novel use of the `Web 2.0′ to facilitate science outreach and scientist-public interaction.


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