Eat like a physicist day


By now you’ve been inundated with news that Friday was Pi day, a.k.a. Einstein’s birthday, a.k.a. Talk Like a Physicist Day. My flat, which houses four physicists, decided to celebrate with a pie celebration of Pi day. We invited some fellow first- and second-year postgraduates in the CPT/IPPP to bring their own creations:

Jo’s Pi savoury pies (steak and veggie). Also pictured is Tracey’s lemon merengue, and some Reese’s Pieces from the US.

James’ bannoffee pie.

Apparently I’m responsible for this, after I noticed several weeks ago that the last day of lectures this term coincided with Pi day. The photos seem to match well with my past attempts to merge food and physics.

I made some pumpkin pie (another distinctly American contribution) since the idea of such a concotion was so foreign to my officemates. (Is it sweet? Is it savoury?) Unfortunately, my attempts to brand it with a whipped-cream \pi were a failure.

Special thanks to Tracey for organising the event, Jo for set-up/clean-up, Jon for decorations, and everyone for attending and bringing their pies. Drinks and disposable cutlery for the event was funded by winnings from the “Supergroup” (yeah, physics postgrads again) pub quiz team. Congrats to Dave and Aoife for memorising 27 digits of pi this morning.

By the way, tomorrow will be eat-leftover-pie-like-a-grad-student day. 🙂

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