This is why the APS thought about changing its name


I had a good laugh the other day when my friend Inna passed along the following brief conversation she had with the room service delivery guy (‘RSDG’) during the APS March Meeting:

RSDG: Are you here with the physicians’ conference?
Inna: Physicists.
RSDG: Yes, indeed; there are many physicians in tow.

For most of you, I’ll note that this was why the American Physical Society considered changing its name to the American Physics Society not too long ago.

For those of you that are beginning grad students, you probably just had the same initial reaction that I did: “Holy moly, [Inna’s University] pays for room service??Inna notes that she has a per diem for food during conferences, so it’s up to her how to spend it. (This is apparently normal.) 🙂

Thanks for the story, Inna!

2 Responses to “This is why the APS thought about changing its name”

  1. I had a food per diem over the summer while I was at the Perimeter Institute. I always felt a bit guilty spending it, though… the thought was always, “hey, if I eat ramen for a week instead of going to restaurants, I’ll have ~$250 to spend on textbooks!” (Or whatever, but textbooks are a major financial drain for me.) In the end I probably spent about half of it on food, or maybe a little less. And I bought Griffiths, Peskin & Schroeder, Zee, Griffiths particles, and a copy of Holland’s book on Bohmian mechanics :D.

    (By the way, I just noticed the huge ‘type here’ notice in this textbox, and find it a bit hilarious.)

  2. 2 Mark

    Maybe the RSDG was french (or canadian). It’s weird describing myself to people as a physicien…

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