5th Cambridge Return Conference: Theoretical Physics


I’ll be taking a break from MSc. thesis-writing to attend the Fifth Cambridge Return Conference 2008: Theoretical Physics. If anyone is around Cambridge this week, I’ll be giving a talk (“WTF is a B Physics: A talk for string theorists.” [sic]) on Thursday morning at 11am in MR9 of the CMS.

I’ll post my slides when I get back. Meanwhile, here’s a teaser featuring some of the people I’m looking forward to seeing again—roughly plotted by the energy scale that they study (units of GeV).


4 Responses to “5th Cambridge Return Conference: Theoretical Physics”

  1. via duality, “pure maths” should appear too for energy scale under 10^-3 eV.

  2. hey flip – you should do a post linking to everyone’s talks. that would be cool!


  3. Well, the Y-axis could also be `difficulty of experimental tests’ in some arbitrary units. There’s a bit on the bottom that I cut out reserved for the financial sector. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. 1 post mini-project « The Art of Equations

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