On putting together presentations…


A snippit from my research life, told through the medium of rewriting the text on a beloved comic strip.

Original Calvin and Hobbes comic reproduced here, my apologies to the late Bill Watterson.


4 Responses to “On putting together presentations…”

  1. 1 arjendu

    Late? Whaddya mean late? Bill Watterson is very much alive, unless not actually creating more Calvin and Hobbes counts as being dead in your book.

  2. D’oh. (Slaps myself on the forehead.) Indeed, my brain had mixed him up with Charles Schulz, who passed away at around the same time when I got into Calvin and Hobbes. My apologies to the very much alive Bill Watterson!

  3. 3 Luke

    You had me worried with your premature report of Bill Watterson. He did review the ‘Schulz and Peanuts’ book in the Wall St. Journal last year.

  4. 4 Luke

    um, premature report of Bill Watterson’s demise, that is.

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