Rocking on to save funding


Now here’s a good example of using youtube to rally public support for science funding.

Here’s the blurb from the Silk FM myspace page, explaining how the local radio station stepped up in support of the Jodrell Bank telescope.

When the Science and Technology Facilities Council announced plans to cut back the funding for Jodrell Bank the world was outraged. The future of the famous Lovell telescope and the e-Merlin project is now in doubt. Without funding, the site cannot continue to operate. From students to MPs, everyone is joining the fight to save Jodrell Bank. Here at Silk FM we were inundated with calls from people who were appalled at the fact Jodrell Bank could be closed. So that’s why we’ve written a song protesting about the proposed cut backs. It’s called “Don’t Go Messing With Our Telescope” and very soon, you can hear it on air on 106.9 Silk FM, online at or here on our MySpace website – Every day we live in hope – don’t go messing with our telescope!

Rock on Jodrell Bank, rock on.


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