All good adventures come to an end


In less than one week I’ll be on a plane heading back home to Los Angeles for the first time since I left in September 2006… think happy thoughts as I’m flying from Heathrow Teminal 5. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and rediscovering old stomping grounds as I soak up the California sun that I’ve been missing.

At the same time, it’s already clear that I’ll miss my Cambridge and Durham colleagues quite a lot, though I think I’ll manage to get over my separation from the English weather. With some luck it won’t be too long before I see everyone again. The hep-ph (-th) community is small enough that many of our orbits are bound to overlap.

And then there’s this blog. I’ve enjoyed my time as part of the physics blogosphere, and hope that once or twice I actually contributed a small bit here or there. As this American physics student will no longer be in England, I’ll be leaving this blog at the end of the summer. The blog will still be around, just inactive.

I still have a lot of leftover half-written posts that I wanted to share, so I’ll spend some of my time at home finishing these and putting them online. As I sift through my boxes of accumulated mementos, I’m sure there are stories that I’ll want to share. I plan to have everything wrapped up by early August in time focus on my new adventure as a PhD student (finally).

As a parting thought, I offer the following rather old clip from a Neil Diamond concert. (i.e. this has absolutely no appeal to anyone under the age of 30.)

This was performed in 1984 in Birmingham, UK to promote the Los Angeles Olympics. The audience included Princess Diana and Prince Charles. I was born in LA just before the Olympics and this old performance of “[Coming to] America” has been something I’ve been saving to share as a `goodbye’ clip with some sentimental value. (At least I’m sure my Mom will enjoy it.)

3 Responses to “All good adventures come to an end”

  1. 1 theoreticalminimum

    Hail hail Philip!
    I’m sure physics will bring you this way once LHC is on and rolling…
    It’s been fantastic having a positively curious person like you telling his story for those past couple of years! Best wishes for your experience in Ithaca and elsewhere.
    All the best mate, and see you on the arXiv! 🙂

  2. 2 andy.s

    Welcome back.

    Just in case you forgot: we drive on the RIGHT here. Don’t mix that up.

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