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[Today we have a guest post from my flatmate, Jo Benjamin. Jo is an MSc. student at Durham’s Centre for Particle Theory. His research project is on black holes in string theory. His post is about useful text for first year students who’d rather avoid slogging through worldsheet string theory.] The first time I met […]

I received the following promotional image in my e-mail today, and couldn’t help but share: As part of `Brit Week‘ celebrations (commemorating 50 years of the British Consul General’s residence in Los Angeles) the British American Business Council has arranged a celebration of British culture in LA during the upcoming Los Angeles Galaxy footba… er, […]

Today’s snarky epiphany, while thesis-writing in the office: It was rather warm in the office even though the heater was turned down and the window was a bit open. After a brief conversation with my officemate, Luis, we decided that the heat came from the eight computers in the room. All this time I had […]

I don’t usually do this. A native Los Angelino is too chill to ask for autographs, even from physicists [1]. However, when John Ellis came to Durham this week to give the 2008 Rochester Lecture, I couldn’t resist asking him to sign a copy of the original paper that introduced `penguin diagram’ into physics nomenclature. […]