Overheard in the past week


A few memorable quotes from the past week.

On Wilson loops in AdS/CFT:

“This is obvious. It’s so obvious that people kicked themselves when they first saw this. I kicked myself. I kicked some other people, too.”

On wrapping branes around Calabi-Yau manifolds:

“And indeed, this is exactly what happens in the real world… meaning in string theory.”

The final word of a lunchtime conversation about the application of AdS/CFT to the determination of parton distribution functions:

“Yes, God bless Maldacena.”

At mid-day:

“I’m impressed by your ability to sleep.” (This may or may not be connected to the topics of the previous quotations.)

On multinationalism in the UK:

“There are students here from all over the world… and yet UK universities are represented by a German, a Frenchman, and an American. Of all the possible nationalities that the UK could send to represent itself, I think these three would have been at the bottom of the list.”


One Response to “Overheard in the past week”

  1. 1 theoreticalminimum

    This immediately came to my mind:
    The Maldacena, by Jeff Harvey (1998)

    You start with the brane and the brane is BPS.
    Then you go near the brane and the space is AdS.
    Who knows what it means I don’t, I confess.
    Ehhh! Maldacena!

    Super Yang-Mills with very large N.
    Gravity on a sphere flux without end.
    Who says they’re the same holographic he contends.
    Ehhh! Maldacena!

    Black holes used to be a great mystery.
    Now we use D-brane to compute D-entropy.
    And when D-brane is hot D-free energy.
    Ehhh! Maldacena!

    M-theory is finished Juan has great repute.
    The black hole we have mastered QCD we can compute.
    Too bad the glueball spectrum is still in some dispute.
    Ehhh! Maldacena!

    A-HAI !! 🙂

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