Congrats to ’08 graduates!


Exams in both Durham and Cambridge have just about wrapped up, so congratulations to the students all over the world who are graduating (or have already graduated) this summer.

Since I’ve been feeling rather sentimental about England, I feel obligated to share one of our anthems during the Part III exams in 2007: (I decided not to post this during exam time, when it might be more appropriate.)

One of the CMS faculty was known for giving very intimidating talks about how difficult Part III is. During exams we used to refer to him as the Black Knight: “None Shall Pass!” (The clip, for those few who are unfamiliar, is from Monty Pyton and the Holy Grail.)


2 Responses to “Congrats to ’08 graduates!”

  1. 1 Steffen

    Apparently Hugh’s AQFT exam was absolutely crazy this year. Will tell more when I get a hand on a copy.

  2. Well, so can anyone testify first-hand how difficult part III is? I

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