Archive for June 20th, 2008

Speaking of Part III, the CASM webpage recently let slip a preliminary copy of the 08/09 lecture list. They’ve since taken it down (boo), but it appears that next year will shake up the physics curriculum a bit. This is exciting since Cambridge is a place where the characteristic time scale for “change” is measured […]

I’d like to make a small commercial for an exciting event next year, the “Beyond Part III” conference in Cambridge. This will be an ├╝ber-version of the topical Part III return conferences, inviting back CASM students from the past five years from all specialties. The current splash image on the Beyond Part III website… a […]

I’ve been working on various drafts of ‘last impressions’ of the UK and ‘first impressions’ of returning to the US… but I’m compelled to interrupt this activity to gripe a little bit. Here’s something I wanted to get off my chest: Physics resources need to be linux-friendly. Besides this being a “good thing” from some […]