Cambridge Part III Mega-Reunion!


I’d like to make a small commercial for an exciting event next year, the “Beyond Part III” conference in Cambridge. This will be an über-version of the topical Part III return conferences, inviting back CASM students from the past five years from all specialties.

The current splash image on the Beyond Part III website… a previous image was deemed too cloudy by the powers-that-be. 🙂 The dandelion clock (‘wishie’) is the symbol of the return conferences.

The conference will be on 16-18 April 2009 and will include the opportunity to give brief talks at parallel sessions, keynote talks from senior researchers, and apparently some kind of tour/event about the history of Cambridge mathematics. (History and mathematics are two things that Cambridge has in remarkable abundance.) The event promises to be a great way to network within your field, hear some great talks, and reconnect with old friends.

I can personally vouch for the excellence of the local organising committee, composed of “Part III return conference” veterans. The costs, I’m told, will be highly subsidised — though international students will need to find their own way to the UK. I’m trying to gather up as many North American Part III alumni that I can… and I’m only partially motivated by fielding a strong “Team USA” for foosball. Look for funding from your departments.

For those who are trying to make the most of a visit to the UK, Durham’s IPPP will be hosting then “International workshop on SUSY and SUSY breaking” just two days later. Other meetings at around the same time include:

If you looks hard enough you could probably put together a very nice itinerary to convince your department to send you to the UK. I certainly will be doing my best to beg for funding to attend Beyond Part III and the IPPP SUSY breaking meeting. (This also involves doing my best to have something neat to present by then.)

Anyway, for those recent Part III alumni out there: save the date, spread the word, and try to make it. The event promises to be quite special.


3 Responses to “Cambridge Part III Mega-Reunion!”

  1. 1 Steffen

    Wow, you will have something to present by April? Good luck with that! And thanks for advertising the conference 🙂

  2. I just strayed across this posting.. a Part III Mega-Reunion, what a great idea! Please persuade them to do a Part III Giga-Reunion for *old* researchers sometime!
    – Jonathan (Part III 1981-82).

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