Running the LHC to save mankind


Previously I wrote about a great quote by M. Mangano regarding the safety of the LHC. Here’s an even better response to the cult of LHC doomsday-ists, by Prof. S. Aaronson of MIT:

As a concerned citizen of Planet Earth, I demand that the LHC begin operations as soon as possible, at as high energies as possible, and continue operating until such time as it is proven completely safe to turn it off.

Given our present state of knowledge, we simply cannot exclude the possibility that aliens will visit the Earth next year, and, on finding that we have not yet produced a Higgs boson, find us laughably primitive and enslave us.

He goes on to satirize the idea that even though an event is exceedingly unlikely, we must ‘err on the side of safety.’ (See what he’s doing there?) Bravo, Prof. Aaronson. I’ll remember this next time someone asks me whether the LHC will destroy the world.

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