Weinberg makes a monkey of Cambridge professor…


Consider the gauntlet thrown, Cambridge. In his new Cosmology text, Steven Weinberg twice misspelled the name of DAMTP professor Gary Gibbons as “Gary Gibbon,” effectively making a monkey of the accomplished general relativist.

Innocent typo, or the latest manifestation of the deterioration of trans-Atlantic relations?

Ok, ok. I guess I’m just getting reacquainted to the yellow journalism of certain American TV stations. Maybe Weinberg was just confused with the previous Ubunu Linux release, Gutsy Gibbon?


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  1. 1 NitinCR

    I have studied cosmology from 2 books, namely Paddy’s Volume III (Galaxies and Cosmology) and at the moment Slava’s book (I am actually sitting in Slava’s class in Munich), and I have been wondering what kind of insight into the subject Weinberg’s book might provide. A look at the contents on the OUP page shows that it covers the main interesting areas, but Weinberg being Weinberg, I am convinced that in some places he could provide a new way of looking or thinking about some concepts ( “Correct?” 😉 ). Could you please be kind enough to provide some general comments about Weinberg’s book?

  2. Hi NitinCR, unfortunately I’m no cosmologist by any stretch of the imagination. 🙂 I only took a very brief look at Weinberg’s new book (mainly to confirm the typo I blogged about!), but I’m not qualified to assess the book’s pedagogical value.

    All I can say is that the book’s size and shape fits very well with his QFT books published by Cambridge. This is one of the few times that something from Cambridge and something from Oxford have gotten along so harmoniously.

  3. 3 Ubuntu

    So what ?
    Some made a tomato of themselves ?

  4. 4 Frank

    Well, in his text “Gravitation”, at lest the version I have. Weinberg writes “Doppler” wrongly with an Umlaut on the “o” throughout the text (Döppler), even though Doppler (without an umlaut) is the correct spelling. This is a much bigger blunder, copied by many Americans even on the web …


  5. 5 Slim potato

    Another one : ‘Dimopolous’ instead of ‘Dimopoulos’.

  6. Thank you both for your observations. 🙂 I didn’t really intend for this to become a thread about typos — I just thought one particular typo was amusing.

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