A black hole row that doesn’t involve the LHC


Only in America: According to the “Dallas City Hall Blog,” a Dallas County administrator was reprimanded after calling a collections office a “black hole” for losing papers. A judge and commissioner on hand deemed the commend racist, apparently. To make the story even better, they instead suggested that the office be called a white hole. Let’s review:

(Image as-is from Wikipedia)

I hope they had a chalkboard, because they’re going to need some Penrose diagrams to resolve that dispute. (From a physics perspective, I’m actually not sure which one would be a better analogy.)

This story really makes me smile because it’s a reminder that I’m actually home. America, I think, so desperately seeks racial equality (at least abstractly) that it often becomes hypersensitive to race. [And perhaps this is indeed progress.] As a result, the whole story is about race. And just in case people wise up and realize that it’s not about race, the blog post even explicitly names the ethnicity of each member involved, just to make sure it’s about race. After all, a story about race is more exciting than an embarassing shortcoming in science education.

2 Responses to “A black hole row that doesn’t involve the LHC”

  1. 1 Steffen

    ‘Schwartzchild’? Is this from John Stewart’s notes?

  2. Hehe… the image is straight from Wikipedia. It must be a racist thing. 🙂

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