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I received the following promotional image in my e-mail today, and couldn’t help but share: As part of `Brit Week‘ celebrations (commemorating 50 years of the British Consul General’s residence in Los Angeles) the British American Business Council has arranged a celebration of British culture in LA during the upcoming Los Angeles Galaxy footba… er, […]

I’ve been buried in writing for a while now, but this week there’s a lot of buzz about the Ogden Centre celebrating its fifth birthday. Here’s the blurb from the IPPP news page: A little over five years ago, the Prime Minister inaugurated the Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics at Durham University. The Ogden Centre […]

According to the Daily Mail, a pack of black squirrels have invaded Cambridgeshire. This is especially amusing for me because black squirrels are a favourite curiosity among students at Stanford. It appears the little guys have followed me to the UK. The Daily Mail article calls the black squirrels a “mutation” of the grey squirrel […]

After the news that Formerly-Prime-Minister Tony Blair will be teaching at Yale University, I remembered another link I meant to share: John Cleese’s (of Monty Python fame) Letter to America, reproduced here. A couple of my favourite points: 8. You will learn to resolve personal issues without using guns, lawyers or therapists. The fact that […]

Scene: cash register at an unfamiliar Sainsburys supermarket, where your protagonist—exhausted after preparing a student seminiar—has inadvertently pulled into a “10 items or less” lane despite having significantly more than 10 items. I’m sure the cashier gave me a funny look, but allowed me to pass since there was nobody in line and I had […]

Boy, do I feel silly. Apparently UK astro/particle (PPAN) physicists concerned about the STFC funding crisis have absolutely nothing to worry about because “UK physics has a brighter future,” at least according to STFC’s chief Keith Mason as reported by the BBC. Or as we would say back in the US, `Mission Accomplished.’ Speaking of […]

Mars has a nice post about his frustrations with the collegiate universities. Between the two of us, we’ve studied at each of the UK’s three collegiate universities (Oxford, Cambridge, Durham), so I thought I’d reply with my own post. The following is based on my own observations as a foreigner. Colleges represent the intersection of […]