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The good folks at the Guardian have put together a nice interactive presentation about the LHC. Unfortunately, they continue to deny that ‘CERN’ is an acronym by spelling it as ‘Cern.’ [edit:see comments.] If you’re willing to forgive their editor, the presentation is a really nice introduction for non-physicists.

I’m going to miss people referring to shops like “Woolies” or “Marks and Sparks.” The only shops here that have such widely-accepted nicknames are fast food joints: “Mickey-D’s” or “Jack-in-the-crack.” … though that last one might only exist for undergrads who have the late-midnight munchies. Perhaps what I’ll miss most are the pub names. Cheers […]

Consider the gauntlet thrown, Cambridge. In his new Cosmology text, Steven Weinberg twice misspelled the name of DAMTP professor Gary Gibbons as “Gary Gibbon,” effectively making a monkey of the accomplished general relativist. Innocent typo, or the latest manifestation of the deterioration of trans-Atlantic relations? Ok, ok. I guess I’m just getting reacquainted to the […]

Previously I wrote about a great quote by M. Mangano regarding the safety of the LHC. Here’s an even better response to the cult of LHC doomsday-ists, by Prof. S. Aaronson of MIT: As a concerned citizen of Planet Earth, I┬ádemand that the LHC begin operations as soon as possible, at as high energies as […]

Goodbye, Durham


I left the UK just a couple of week ago, completing an adventure that began in September of 2006. With the culinary help of my (also physicist) flatmates, we made made sure I had a proper send-off. Below are some shots of the table spread. (Not pictured are the MSSM amaretti that I couldn’t help […]

I’m finally back in the United States after being in the UK since 2006. I have plenty to write about returning to the US, but let me catch up with a few posts about my last days in the UK. Regular readers know my fascination of putting physics on food (gingerbread, pancakes, pies), so below […]

Exams in both Durham and Cambridge have just about wrapped up, so congratulations to the students all over the world who are graduating (or have already graduated) this summer. Since I’ve been feeling rather sentimental about England, I feel obligated to share one of our anthems during the Part III exams in 2007: (I decided […]