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I’d like to make a small commercial for an exciting event next year, the “Beyond Part III” conference in Cambridge. This will be an ├╝ber-version of the topical Part III return conferences, inviting back CASM students from the past five years from all specialties. The current splash image on the Beyond Part III website… a […]

I’ve been working on various drafts of ‘last impressions’ of the UK and ‘first impressions’ of returning to the US… but I’m compelled to interrupt this activity to gripe a little bit. Here’s something I wanted to get off my chest: Physics resources need to be linux-friendly. Besides this being a “good thing” from some […]

Just a public service announcement for class of 2009 undergrads interested in the Marshall or Rhodes: if you haven’t started preparing your application, start soon. Marshall and Rhodes applicants are nominated by their university, so you need to understand your particular university’s nomination process. These nominations have to be submitted early in the autumn, which […]

A few memorable quotes from the past week. On Wilson loops in AdS/CFT: “This is obvious. It’s so obvious that people kicked themselves when they first saw this. I kicked myself. I kicked some other people, too.” On wrapping branes around Calabi-Yau manifolds: “And indeed, this is exactly what happens in the real world… meaning […]

It’s common for departments to have a Friday ‘happy hour’ event as a chance to relax and socialise with colleagues. (The CMS in Cambridge recently began such a tradition this year.) Semi-recently, in an attempt to encourage more attendance, the organisers of one American university’s `Physics Beer’ politely proposed changing the events name to de-emphasise […]

It’s that time of year again: the last undergrads have left your office after asking for final exam regrades, your adviser is off to another continent for big conferences, and even the spring television line-up is wrapping up. Meanwhile, your officemates have gone off to various summer schools to mingle with other postgraduates and learn […]

A snippit from my research life, told through the medium of rewriting the text on a beloved comic strip. Original Calvin and Hobbes comic reproduced here, my apologies to the late Bill Watterson.