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It’s been a few years since I’ve seen snow, so you can imagine my excitement when I looked out of my window this morning to see this: It’s a good thing I opened my eyes before hitting the snooze button! The trees might as well have been dusted with powdered sugar. A quick shot of […]

Civic duty


I’ve opted to leave off the name of the Senator to whom I’ve e-mailed this. This is not meant to be a form letter. Perhaps it will encourage a few people to write their own letters. I’d be happy for constructive criticism for future letters to congress. Dear Senator, I am a graduate student in […]

Are video iPods the next ‘killer app’ for research? Webcasts as a tool for physics outreach, grad research, and career opportunities. Like many Americans of my generation, I grew up watching television*. Eventually I went to college where I was largely without a television — and thank goodness or else my brain would have been […]

Here’s one that caught my eye reading the L.A. Times: A conservative organization called Young America’s Foundation (YMA) has published their annual ‘The Dirty Dozen: America’s Most Bizzare and Politically Correct College Courses.’ As the [L.A.] Times noted, Southern California universities had a strong showing, with Occidental College’s course titled “The Phallus” leading the way […]