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Eating In


Today I discovered that dinners ‘in hall’ at Trinity are actually less expensive than preparing one’s own food. One also gets the added benefit of a social atmosphere and saves the prep/clean-up time associated with cooking at home. Tonight’s meal (which included fish and chips, vegetables, and ice cream) cost only £3.50. The caveat is […]

I’m slowly trying to post some of my first impressions of the Marshall orientation and the UK. Below is something I scribbled on the flight from Dulles to Heathrow. I managed to squeeze it in between the multiplayer games of trivia on the in-flight entertainment network (I won once!). 19 September 2006 10:02 pm EST […]

I just remembered one of the highlights of last night’s “moving party.” The chaplain was telling a story about travelling to Croatia, when the background music interrupted him with: The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. We don’t need water let that mother-f—er burn. Burn mother-f—er, burn. I bit my tongue to suppress […]

Note: the thoughts, observations, and opinions herein expressed are solely those of the author and do not reflect in any way upon the Marshall Commission, current or past Marshall scholars, or any other group or individual. This is a post that begins in an unfamiliar, gloomy town and ends with the American pop songs of […]

Last night Adam M. and I had a very educational conversation with my neighbor, Anna. The thing about being an American expatriate in the UK is that things look very similar, but are ever so slightly different. It’s this slight difference in common things that I’ve found produces the most culture shock, since I’ve already […]

This is just a quick placeholder to let people know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet… just that of North America. As this blog was originally intended, I am now shifting the main goal of this blog towards documenting some of my experiences and thoughts about my time studying physics in […]

Goodbye L.A.


Fair warning: departing from most of my writing, this post has nothing to do about physics or being a grad student. Today I hopped on a plane in LAX and flew to Washington D.C. via Denver. (I flew on Frontier Airlines, a Denver-based company with spacious cabins and cute animals painted on their planes.) Aside […]

Yesterday my parents and I attended a reception for the 2006 Los Angeles Marshall Scholars at the home of Mr. Bob Peirce, the British Consul-General at LA. Mr. Pierce was the chair of my Marshall interview committee and arranged a very nice sendoff party for the four LA scholars. The guests included British academics, representatives […]

Autumn for physics students: finishing up summer research reports, asking for letters of recommendation for grad school, signing up for general education requirements, and … taking the Physics GRE. I had meant to post this over the summer for anyone who might be preparing for the November exam, but this is around the time when […]

Actually, I used to be a Toys ‘R’ Us kid, too. Anyway, as my last summer vacation for a long time trickles away, I realized that I really am growing up and getting old after I received this in the mail: Yes, it was my first snail mail solicitation from The Stanford Fund, my alma […]