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A nice paragraph from `A lab away from home,’ by Elizabeth Clements in Symmetry Magazine, Vol 4 Issue 6 (Aug 2007) : Living in a new place–be it a strange city or a different continent– takes you out of your element, away from the comforts of home. It can make you more vulnerable. Perhaps it is that […]

Today I just discovered that SPIRES (Durham mirror) supports RSS feeds. Fig 1. Now I’ll be the first to know when Einstein publishes a new paper. already offers an arXiv feed, though I’ve found that it doesn’t always catch every new paper. What’s great about SPIRES is that the RSS feed the output of […]

There is an `experimentalist’ workshop going on this week and I’ve had the pleasure of having dinner with some of the postgraduate students. After hearing how everyone gets to go to CERN, however, I’ve experienced a new feeling: experimentalist-envy! I had a good laugh, however, during a discussion of the cost-of-living in CERN. One British […]

It’s a bit old by blog standards, but there is a bit of news from last month that Montana senator Max Baucus is proposing free college tuition for students of mathematics and science (“techies” in the parlance of my undergraduate institution). The goal is to provide 25,000 (merit-based) university scholarships to math/science students who teach […]

Yesterday I discovered a neat little website with some potential for science communication. ScribLink is a `virtual whiteboard.’ It combines a rudimentary drawing program with a chat room and some `Web-2.0′ features. Fig 1. Screen shot using ScribLink, featuring a graph in a previous post. Ok, so it’s a glorified MS-Paint. If you want you […]

I discovered a fun website that allows you to share a `virtual whiteboard’ with other users. I’ll talk about this in my next post. First, I wanted to share one of my favourite theoretical physics jokes. (No offense intended, string students!) I’ve been told that this joke was told to incoming gradaute students at UCSB. […]

Toll door


Unlike my adviser, who will come to the office early on Saturday mornings, I prefer to work in the evenings and occasionally return to the office after dinner. Either way, the building is closed to the public after hours and one needs to be affiliated with the department to enter. The IPPP has a very […]