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Before I get around to finishing up my remaining Berkeley-related posts, I had the distinct privilege to meet up with a few of my Marshall colleagues in Washington D.C. this week. The event, something of a ‘preunion,’ was a vacation from what was already a very comfortable summer vacation and I had a lot of […]

Ah, I thought I was done with this, but I just came across a fantastic book cover that got me laughing: The book is not listed on Amazon, but I found the following description on authorhouse: This is a text on Hamiltionian and Lagrangian Dynamics aimed at the student who has just finished the calculus […]

Unfortunately I’ve departed Berkeley and am now hurriedly unpacking/repacking in Los Angeles. I have a short list of unfinished Berkeley-related blog posts that I’ll be putting up in a week or so, but I’ll be going on a short vacation starting on Tuesday to meet some of the other Marshall scholars a week early in […]

I have nothing coherent to share, but I do have a few random science-related and Cambridge-related links. Ah, tha’ed be brrrill-yunt. A repository of accents (not necessarily the best representations) are available at The Speech Accent Archive. I can’t wait to visit Glasgow. Darwin, the new King George. A Michigan State University study has shown […]

Or: How pop culture got intelligence wrong and misjuged the value of information. Ok, I should explain the sensationalistic title. “Baby grad students” refers to anyone who may have a future in academia. Despite their poor science and mathematics questions, I have nothing against Jeopardy … and mostly nothing against babies. I do have a […]

Today I was treated to a very nice lunch at the Berkeley Faculty Club, so I thought this was a natural subject to append to my “Big Physics” series: Big Physics I: Analogies Big Physics II: T-shirts Big Physics III: Parking Big Physics IV: Faculty Club(bing) Faculty clubs are interesting things that I don’t quite […]

A message from Scooter (pictured below) and me to the television industry: Please stop playing scary previews for scary movies. I’ve recently taken to having the television on in the evening to provide some ambient noise while I grade/blog/read. However, Scooter and I have been disturbed by the number of scary movie previews that are […]