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One thing Part III students do not have the privilege of doing is graduating. This isn’t a poetic statement that Part III is about preparing its students for a lifetime of mathematics… rather I suspect this has to do with funding and the official status of Part III as something in between an undergrad and […]

Amit Arora and Daniel Novinson of the Stanford Daily have written a follow up to their original story of the `Stanford Impostor,’ a high school student who spent a year living in Stanford dormitories pretending to be a student. In their follow up they highlight an individual who has been sleeping in the physics department […]

The “Impostor Syndrome” is something often brought up when talking about the pressure of grad school. talented students can feel overwhelmed and believe that, despite their merits, they’re not good enough to cut it in their PhD program. An interesting piece of news about a different kind of `impostor syndrome’ recently made it to the […]

We can only hope that if the Super Collider project is really dead, then our friends in Europe and Asia will carry on with the historic task of exploring the frontiers of physics that is now being abandoned by the United States. Steven Weinberg, 3rd International Symposium on the History of Particle Physics. From The […]

Despite being on temporary blog hiatus, I can’t but help share a few snippits from the fake US news, as presented by Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and Colbert Report. Jon Stewart’s guest on The Daily Show was Jeremy Paxman, author of On Royalty: A Very Polite Inquiry Into Some Strangely Related Families. Paxman is […]

Ah, I didn’t want to do this, but it looks like I’ll be going on hiatus for the exam period (through mid June). After two more weeks in Cambridge, I’ll then move on to my next adventure in the UK, studying at the Centre for Particle Theory at Durham University. In the mean while, I’ve […]

Today I recieved a kind note from the porter requesting that I take down the `posters’ from my window: 2 May 07 Mr. [Flip Tomato], Please remove the posters from your window to day. This no allowed in room’s at trinity. Thank’s. [—] Porter. [sic.] I dutifully went ahead and took them down, but not […]