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Here are a few totally random snippits that I had hoped to incorporate in some posts. Enjoy! Anybody who has not already done so should play with arXiv Structure. It’s not perfect, but it does a very good job of creating a ‘web’ of interconnections between papers. It’s a great tool for skimming the literature […]

This is an old post that I never got around to fleshing out and finishing. I figured it was worth posting before letting my blog freeze-out (yeah, that was a Boltzmann equation reference). More than half a decade ago I was sitting in the same course and had a very inspirational TA and now I’ve […]

[Unfortunately things got busy before I had a chance to properly wrap up this blog… I hope to write up a proper `farewell’ post over the next couple of weekends.] If your paper is more than 30 pages long with multiple sections and subsections, it would be prudent to include a table of contents on […]

[Kudos if you got the Schoolhouse Rock reference.] I’ve gotten a few messages now about the Graduate Junction, a social networking site developed to help postgraduate students. After noting it was endorsed by Durham, I decided to give it a try to see what it’s all about. Update: see Dan’s comment below for further discussion. […]

Richard recently asked for instructions for enabling wmv files to be played on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron). This is important since TASI has uploaded its summer school videos in wmv format. After reinstalling Ubuntu, I followed the instructions at Ubuntu Geek and that seems to have worked well. Here’s a summary. First enable “Universe” and […]

I’ve recently purchased a new MacBook and thought I’d share some set-up information. I borrow heavily from Professor Murayama’s OS X for Physicists, but have tried to focus on tidbits that have either been updated or aren’t covered there. Why Apple? Most physicists will have already noticed the rapid adoption of Apple technology in academia. […]

Speaking of Part III, the CASM webpage recently let slip a preliminary copy of the 08/09 lecture list. They’ve since taken it down (boo), but it appears that next year will shake up the physics curriculum a bit. This is exciting since Cambridge is a place where the characteristic time scale for “change” is measured […]

I’d like to make a small commercial for an exciting event next year, the “Beyond Part III” conference in Cambridge. This will be an ├╝ber-version of the topical Part III return conferences, inviting back CASM students from the past five years from all specialties. The current splash image on the Beyond Part III website… a […]

I’ve been working on various drafts of ‘last impressions’ of the UK and ‘first impressions’ of returning to the US… but I’m compelled to interrupt this activity to gripe a little bit. Here’s something I wanted to get off my chest: Physics resources need to be linux-friendly. Besides this being a “good thing” from some […]

Just a public service announcement for class of 2009 undergrads interested in the Marshall or Rhodes: if you haven’t started preparing your application, start soon. Marshall and Rhodes applicants are nominated by their university, so you need to understand your particular university’s nomination process. These nominations have to be submitted early in the autumn, which […]