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[Today we have a guest post from my flatmate, Jo Benjamin. Jo is an MSc. student at Durham’s Centre for Particle Theory. His research project is on black holes in string theory. His post is about useful text for first year students who’d rather avoid slogging through worldsheet string theory.] The first time I met […]

I was skimming through this month’s Physics World magazine and was pleasantly surprised to see that Steven Weinberg is back in the book-writing business. He has just put out a new book with Oxford University Press on Cosmology. No, it’s not the same as his well-known `gravitation and cosmology’ text from the ’70s… Oxford press […]

Supersymmetry (SUSY) has been around in particle physics literature for over 30 years. It’s one of a theorist’s main tools for model building at the TeV scale, but is also a necessary ingredient for superstring theories, a rich playground for nonperturbative physics, and is [apparently] independently useful in mathematics. So — how does one go […]

A Caveat… I should note up front that I don’t have any `trouble with [Lee] Smolin,’ as my title might suggest. I couldn’t resist using the above title after I saw a Heffers book display featuring a new book, The Dawkins Delusion; a pun on Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion. I actually found Dr. […]

Today I was treated to a very nice lunch at the Berkeley Faculty Club, so I thought this was a natural subject to append to my “Big Physics” series: Big Physics I: Analogies Big Physics II: T-shirts Big Physics III: Parking Big Physics IV: Faculty Club(bing) Faculty clubs are interesting things that I don’t quite […]

I don’t usually go to concerts. (Not counting my own performances with Cardinal Calypso or attending other Stanford student performances, the first and last concert I went to was an Assembly of Dust show that a fellow physicist offered to take me along to.) Today, however I made an exception to check out a band […]

Update:┬áThis post was updated on 19 July 2007.┬áPlease see the bottom of the post for more information on acquiring Miquelrius notebooks. A good notebook is an important tool for the physics graduate student; it’s a place to flesh out ideas, jot down references, work out calculations, and remind yourself every once in a while what […]

Yesterday the Berkeley Society of Physics Students hosted a departmental BBQ in the LeConte courtyard, something that happens roughly once a month during the academic year. (By the way, I have to say the Stanford SPS Website is much nicer… though I may be biased.) I chatted a little with Matt Buckley (one of Hitoshi […]