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My Irish neighbor often asks me why it is that Americans seem to perpetually confuse Ireland and Scotland. He recently forwarded me this in celebration of St. Patrick’s day: For Americans: St. Patrick’s day is an Irish holiday. Ireland is the island to the left of Britain. You may know it as the place where […]

I haven’t seen the sun in about 3 days. This also happens once in a while during the rainy season in California, but not in the spectacularly foggy way as I’ve witnessed in Cambridge. I’ve speculated before that Cambridge is in its element in a light drizzle. I now see that the fog turns Cambridge […]

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays made for expatriate bonding. It is the remaining relatively non-commercialized sentimental holidays in the US that brings together family and friends. As the speaker at the Cambridge Thanksgiving Lunch (more on that later) said, it’s a holiday about togetherness more than anything. Such a holiday takes on another layer […]

I’ve picked up a very fun book, Watching the English by Kate Fox, which discusses English etiquette from a humorous (and nationally introspective) point of view. Thus far I’ve found it an enjoyable diversion as well as a useful guidebook. One particular section has to do with the English sense of privacy, where personal information […]

Below are some snippits of reactions to the 2006 Midterm Election. (Ranging from clips from newspapers to personal anecdotes.) “Having written off American voters as ignorant dorks for getting it wrong two years ago, the world has been gracious enough to admit them back into the fold of intelligent human beings. […] When news broke […]

From today’s BA Dinner: Me: So I’ve gotta ask, did you find it much easier to meet girls in the US given that you have a British accent? NS: Oh yeah. […laughs…] NS: But yeah, really. A lot. I had dinner today with an undergraduate who grew up in Cambridge, went to high school in […]