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Today I woke up to a pleasant face. Scooter woke me up and waved ‘hello’ with his paw (picture below). It was a good start to the day. It also became clear who stole my pillow last night and decided to use it for a blanket. Humph!

I want to write a post describing a clever derivation of Noether’s Theorem in Walter Greiner’s book Field Quantization, but I’m thwarted by my inability to use LaTeX mathematical typesetting in this blog. Rest assured the thought that I was going to share was really worth reading, but as I cannot share it through this […]

The View


As an experiment to test out image posting on WordPress, I’d like to share the view outside my window at night. This is what I fall asleep to: Pretty, isn’t it? I also get to hear the Campanile bells playing at noon on weekdays and 6pm on weekends. If they play the bells at other […]

Today I sat in on the "4D" seminar at LBL. When I got there Olga, the Particle Theory admin, thought I'd just graduated from high school… this was a bit deflating after being so happy to be a graduate student finally. Then, as I sat in the seminar room, J.D. Jackson ("The Jackson" as Matt […]

Apologies for not posting yesterday (which would have been my first day at Berkeley, and hence a more appropriate post). I spent the day sleeping in. This past week was more sleep/food-deprived than I’d have liked on account of grading finals, moving out, and preparing for graduation. At any rate, the combination of long nights […]