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A game of chance and tactics for all ages. Based on the fundamental particles and forces of nature. No need for any previous knowledge of Particle Physics! As I was packing up some papers to read over the weekend, I discovered a curious deck of cards in the corner of our office. It turned out […]

It’s been a while since I’ve let on that I’m a Harry Potter fan, so I thought I’d share a few reflections on the film (and upcoming book) from the point of view of a foreign student in the UK. First of all, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix opens with a `serious’ scene which vindicated the British-ness […]

[This post was slightly updated on 27 July 2007.] Not many physics students in the U.S. may be aware of the PPARC-supported (now STFC) Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology (“I-triple-P“) at Durham University. I would like to spread the word about this gem of a research institute. (This post follows from a previous post introducing […]

Suppose you’re one of the next batch of American students heading to the UK for undergraduate or postgraduate education. (If so, congratulations!). Further suppose that despite your excitement for your adventure, you’re bored silly waiting for the summer to pass so that you can hop on that plane to take you across the Atlantic. Well, here’s a brief summer reading list that […]

This is a public service announcement for rising university seniors who are applying to graduate schools: time to get started! Yes, it’s summer and you’re probably working hard in labs on your senior thesis. But rest assured every hour you spend now organising your applications and writing personal statements will make your life much easier […]

Earlier this year I wrote a Part III essay on bulk neutrinos in the Randall-Sundrum I (RS1) model. After scouring the introductory braneworld literature, I noticed that there seems to be set of standard figures used. Somewhat uninspired by these, I went ahead and made my own graphic. The resulting image, below, was nifty enough that I feel compelled to write […]

This is just a quick note to share two reference I’ve found useful for looking up Feynman rules in a pinch. The first reference is for the -gauge Feynman rules for the Standard Model and the second is for the MSSM Feynman rules in . Standard Model -gauge Feynman rules The canonical reference for these Feynman rules […]

Bee at Backreaction (always a great read) recently posted a note about the LHC Theory Initiative in which she mentions the difference between “innovative” US phenomenology versus “novel” European phenomenology. In the comments section, Rae Ann made the excellent point that there may be too much emphasis on competition versus collaboration. (If you have no idea we mean by […]

Last month I was discussing future plans with another American student at the Trinity May Ball. I mentioned that I was going to Durham, to which my colleague erroneously asked, “ah, you’re going to Duke?” He was referring to the university located in Durham, North Carolina famous for its basketball programme. In this light, I thought I’d say a few words […]

The area directly between the main Trinity College site and Burrell’s Field is called the Backs. Since my arrival in Cambridge I’ve been taking photos of the Backs from the same spot every month. 29 September 2006 3 October 2006 18 November 1006 25 December 2006 24 January 2007 8 February 2007 19 March 2007 […]