Proposed rules for long papers…


[Unfortunately things got busy before I had a chance to properly wrap up this blog… I hope to write up a proper `farewell’ post over the next couple of weekends.]

  1. If your paper is more than 30 pages long with multiple sections and subsections, it would be prudent to include a table of contents on the version you submit to the arXiv.
  2. If you are citing just one particular detail in such a paper, it would be very helpful if you included some note about which section (or at least page number) you expect your readers to read. This can be done using the “NOTE” tag in BibTeX.

Doing these things would be a huge help for people reading your papers. They would require a minimum of extra work on the authors’ part and can easily be edited away if a journal doesn’t like it. (Comment out the table of contents line and the journal’s BibTeX style file should already ignore “note” tags if they don’t like them.)

Note that the problem of not having a table of contents is somewhat ameliorated by using a pdf viewer with a “table of contents” panel, though this doesn’t really help if you’re looking at a print out, does it?

4 Responses to “Proposed rules for long papers…”

  1. 1 Harold

    Hi Flip,

    I propose for you to keep this blog alive and put off that farewell even longer. Sure you may be busy, but once in awhile pop up and say something interesting as you always do. As for the title, just think of it as rebelling against changing SLAC’s name – sure it doesn’t stand for what it says, but we still know it and love it.


  2. 2 Aatish

    I second that proposal. You will be missed.


  3. 3 Steffen

    I think you should rather concentrate on your studies. 😉

  4. 4 WHAT???????????????????????????

    i dont get what im supposed to write?????????????????///
    ummmmmmmm,…….. liked your site

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